Thursday, April 29, 2010


2006 MHS 75 Organising Committee

After the last MHS 75 Reunion held in 2006, the time has come to plan the next reunion in 2011.

In 2011, this batch will reach their age of 55 - officially the retirement age in Malaysia. Though some have retired early even before 55, all of us shall reach this age in 2011.

An Organising Committee has already been formed at the Cobra's Club, Petaling Jaya last night. New blood has been added to the former committee of 2006. The committee hopes more classmates and spouses will attend the coming Reunion.

To date, some overseas classmates whom we have not met for the past 37 years, have indicated their interest in attending this function. Some are from Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

The date selected is on Saturday, 12th. February 2011 which is within the Chinese New Year. A Reunion Dinner will be held and Floor Performances will be done by the hidden talents of our classmates.

Anyone interested to attend or confirm their attendance can do so by contacting the following:-
PJ Edwin - 012-3159613, TW Kang - 012-3118959, James Khoo - 016-3138083, Khoo Swee Hock -, Tam Chee Meng - 016-9687094, Choo Eng Hong -

For email, please contact

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  1. Well done once again, Kang. You've done us proud,
    giving us more content, photos and putting more meat on the bones, just like what Eng Hong is doing on his marvellous site too. Keep up the good work. Mikey