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Standoff between old boys and school


MALACCA: A storm is brewing following plans by the education authorities here to acquire the clubhouse of the 90-year-old Malacca High School Old Boys Association (HSOBA) which is located within the school grounds.

HSOBA members have been prevented from enjoying the use of the clubhouse since 2006 by the school authorities.

Its president Manuel Gomez said he was shocked at the manner in which the school had acquired the club house without holding proper talks first.

“We were informed of the acquisition via a notice to the school dated Oct 5 last year,” he said when met here yesterday.

Gomez said the problem arose five years ago when HSOBA was issued guidelines by the school restricting the usage of the club.

“First, we were restricted from using our own club and now they are acquiring our property,” Gomez added.

“We hope that the acquisition can be deferred to give us time to obtain views from members and former students,” he said adding that HSOBA is merely seeking fair compensation and a suitable piece of land to rebuild a new clubhouse.

However, he said HSOBA would not hesitate to challenge the matter in court if it is not resolved amicably.

Malacca High School, the second oldest school in Malaysia was established in 1826.

HSOBA, which has 18,000 mem-bers, was formed in 1921 with MCA founder Tun Tan Cheng Lock, a former student, appointed as its first president.

Meanwhile, state education committee chairman Datuk Yaakub Md Amin said the problem arose as the club house is located within the school grounds with the school authorities deeming it inappropriate.

He advised HSOBA to appeal for the acquisition to be deferred by the Melaka Tengah Land Office.

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