Monday, February 13, 2012


MAHSOPA wants to archive and digitise ALL the copies of the Malacca High School Annual Magazine viz "The Optimist" into a CD.

"The Optimist" was first produced in early 1900's and over the years, it has become a record for the achievements and activities of the Malacca High School. Articles written by students were published in it as well.

Though the early copies of the "Optimist" are in hard copies and normally archived in the School library, it is important that these invaluable magazines are archived digitally for future generations. The value of these old copies will be immense as they record the school achievements, former students and activities within the school.

Due to the importance of these records, MAHSOPA has decided to carry out this project with co-operation with the School Management.

For alumni members of Malacca High School who intend to giveaway their copies of their "Optimists", kindly contact MAHSOPA maybe interested to obtain them as some copies are missing.

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