Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Last week, some members of the MAHSOPA 2013 Dinner committee viz. Robert Lim, Lim Koh Chin and Kang Tsz Wong travelled to Melaka and met up with the current Principal of Malacca High School, HSOBA President, Mr.Gomez and his secretary and fellow old pupils of Malacca High viz. Dr. Ee and Mr.Poonanrajah. We also met up with former pupils during the night as well.

Response to our coming MAHSOPA 2013 Dinner is encouraging. Some former pupils of various years had already pledge to take up tables for the event.

To date, we can safely say we have at least 20 tables booked. We are targetting at least 50 tables if former pupils of various years co-operate with us in this matter.

Call us or email us your booking at as soon as possible.

Some ideas such as a golf game to be held either on Friday morning or Saturday morning for those interested in a game of golf.

Back to School walkabout for Saturday morning has been suggested with the co-operation of the School authorities.

The principal has indicated his co-operation in allowing former pupils to park in MHS premises for the dinner.

MAHSOPA Committee is also planning some music entertainment and we suggested a MHS representative band performance for the night. Even an overseas Skype video link with former pupils residing overseas is being considered.

All these ideas and programmes are still being planned and once they are firmed up, we will inform you accordingly.

We look forward to your participation.


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