Sunday, December 1, 2013


A small group of former MHS pupils and 2 lower 6 MHS pupils who acted as our school guides took us around Malacca High School on Sat. 30.11.13. 

Paul Lim and wife came in from UK, Kwong (1958),Johnny Yong and Kang came from KL. Kwong has never been back since 1958. Many structures have been demolished due to building of new blocks. 

Our Wisma Pengakap (1975-1998) is gone, basketball court is gone and most recently the HSOBA building (1964-2013) was acquired by the Education Ministry and reduced to dust. 

The school hall opened (1981- ) is in need of repairs. 
Wonder why the school has built a RM 1 million new astro turf hockey pitch in 2013? Who will be responsible for the maintenance? 

A historical school like Malacca High must not loose her soul and buildings with history which have links with the pupils.

MAHSOPA Welcoming Banner

Mr.& Mrs. Paul Lim from UK and Mr Kwong from KL

Confirmed. The ruins of HSOBA Building

Some of Walkers with MHS Guide

Walkers with MHS Guide

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